About Us

POINTO Teknoloji A.Ş., which set out to enrich the rapidly developing and changing technology world with innovative approaches and projects, has been continuing its R&D studies within CyberPark, which hosts the best companies in Ankara since its establishment in September 2018. One of the most important characteristics that distinguishes the POINTO brand from other technology producing and exporting companies is that it is not possible to talk about a company that is content with only traditional solutions. In this respect, it should be noted that POINTO has a structure and organization with human resources that can carry out ambitious works in areas such as 'Industry 4' and 'Robotics', which are mostly spoken of and pronounced as new generation technology or new technological trends.

POINTO continues to deepen its field of action with the self-confidence and leadership of a brand that realizes ambitious projects in both domestic and foreign markets in a short period of time with its corporate structure that attaches importance to principles and goals. Innovative ideas, which converts brings together the latest technology with the world and make them available Pointon, and has given the correct contact info and customer satisfaction with Turkcell, Turkey's leading company like EnerjiSA has added to its portfolio.

POINTO has been awarded ISO 9001: 2015, the quality management system that will help you monitor and manage quality in all operations, and the internationally recognized ISO / IEC 27001 certification that helps organizations protect their information assets with safe methods. The reason for POINTO Technology's success, which shows a growth reflex in a short time and diversifies its customer portfolio; It has a team with a command of new generation technologies and offers innovative solutions to its customers with a professional management approach.